When it comes to yoga, the journey of self-discovery and inner peace is as important as the asanas. And Sol and Selene is here to ensure that this journey is not only fulfilling but also effortlessly stylish. Today, we're rolling out the mat to the 5 must-have accessories for enhancing your yoga class experience while keeping you chic and composed.

1. A Reliable Yoga Mat Bag

a model carrying a bright pink yoga mat bag with a black yoga mat beside her

Let’s begin with an essential accessory for yoga — the yoga mat bag. With Sol and Selene’s yoga mat bags, you'll experience a seamless blend of style and utility. The durable, water-resistant fabric ensures your mat stays dry even in the whims of weather. Not only is it lightweight and easy to carry, but the chic designs are also sure to add a hint of sophistication to your yoga attire. 

No more wrestling with your mat; just roll it, tuck it into your bag, and you’re good to go! Having a dedicated bag for your mat signals your commitment to your practice. It's like a stylish reminder to stay consistent and focused.

2. The Multi-Tasking Handbag

a model holding Sol and Selene’s small puffer mini tote in gray

In the spirit of yoga, why not embrace something that’s flexible and versatile? That’s exactly what Sol and Selene’s stylish handbags are! They’re spacious enough to carry your yoga or gym essentials and smart enough not to look like you’re lugging around your entire wardrobe. With dedicated spots for tech items and water bottles, this handbag is your yoga-class BFF that effortlessly transitions into a perfect post-yoga coffee-date accessory. 

3. The Weekender That Gets You

a model carrying a gray duffel bag made from a high-shine, metallic fabric

When yoga is not just an activity but a lifestyle, Sol and Selene’s duffel bags or weekenders become your go-to accessories for your yoga practice. Whether you’re heading for a retreat or just need to carry extra gear, this spacious bag has your back. Crafted with lightweight, water-resistant materials, it’s as sturdy as your resolve to master the next pose! Plus, with its ample space, you can pack not just your yoga wear but also those little tidbits that make your yoga practice unique — be it your favorite post-yoga outfit, a set of candles, or some essential oils.

4. The Indispensable Water Bottle

a model holding a white metal Sol and Selene water bottle

A quintessential part of your yoga essentials ensemble is the water bottle. Keeping yourself hydrated is key to a fruitful yoga practice. Sol and Selene’s stylish water bottles are not just practical; they’re a statement. They say, “I’m mindful of my body, and I do it with grace.” Also, having a beautifully designed water bottle might just be the motivation you need to stay hydrated. With a Sol and Selene water bottle as your go-to yoga accessory, taking care of yourself becomes a chic affair.

5. The ‘Cool Down’ Hat

a model wearing a black baseball cap with Sol and Selene’s logo

Post-yoga class, when you’re radiating with the inner glow of a job well done, it’s time to put on one of Sol and Selene’s chic hats. These hats are the epitome of athleisure style. They protect you from the sun, manage those post-workout tresses, and keep you looking effortlessly stylish. But that’s not it; this cool accessory for yoga can also be your personal cheerleader, making you feel accomplished and ready to take on the world after an invigorating session.

Elevate Your Practice with Sol and Selene

Yoga is more than a physical practice; it’s a lifestyle, a state of mind. Sol and Selene understands this deeply and has crafted yoga essentials that not only add functionality but also elevate your spirit. The fusion of fashion and function, embodied in high-quality, durable, and water-resistant materials, ensures that your journey through yoga and life is seamless.

So, why wait? It’s time to give your yoga practice the companions it deserves. Elevate your lifestyle, one yoga accessory at a time. Sol and Selene offers free shipping on all U.S. orders, and for our yogis in Canada, we’ve got international shipping options! Plus, with an easy 30-day return policy, your satisfaction is our mantra. Namaste!