In the world of jogging and running, carrying the right bag becomes not just a necessity but a game changer. Sol and Selene’s running bags for women are here to make sure your adventures are not just about setting personal bests but doing it with unmatched style and practicality. 

Our bags for jogging are more than just carriers; they're your on-the-go cheerleaders, designed to keep up with you every step of the way — from the bustling city streets to serene forest trails. So, let’s delve into the five best bags for jogging that promise to elevate your running experience, ensuring that every jog becomes a journey worth savoring.

1. Backpacks: The Agile Athletes

a model in shorts holding a light blue puffer-style backpack

For the long-distance runner who treasures versatility and capacity, smaller backpacks are your unwavering allies. Sol and Selene's collection features lightweight yet sturdy designs that snugly fit your frame, minimizing bounce while you navigate through your miles. 

Equipped with breathable materials and adjustable straps, these bags for jogging distribute weight evenly, allowing for a comfortable run. Whether it's stashing an extra layer for the cold, keeping hydrated with a water bottle, or securing your keys and phone, these backpacks handle it all with style. Choose your perfect small backpack from our collection, with options crafted from eco-conscious recycled nylon, performance water-repellent nylon, and more.

2. Belt Bags: The Sleek Sprinters

a model in black wearing a green woven belt bag across her back

The resurgence of belt bags in the running community speaks volumes about their convenience and efficiency. Ideal for the minimalist runner, these belt bags for jogging offer just the right amount of space for your essentials. Positioned around your waist and featuring adjustable straps for a custom fit, they stay put, reducing distraction and letting you focus on your pace. 

Perfect for shorter runs or races where agility is key, these running bags for women ensure your essentials are accessible without breaking your stride. And here’s a little secret: they're not just for running. Their sleek design and effortless style make them perfect for transitioning from your morning jog to running errands or grabbing coffee, proving that great things indeed come in small, stylish packages.

3. Slings: The Dynamic Dashers

a model in activewear wearing a cream sling backpack

Sling backpacks are the superheroes of the running world — swinging into action with a single, stylish strap. Swing it around, grab what you need, and you’re back in action without ever breaking your stride. With enough room for your essentials and a bit of extra gear, these running bags for women are the go-to for those who carry a bit more but still crave that freedom of movement.

Designed for the runner who appreciates easy access but dislikes the bulk, these bags for jogging are a masterclass in minimalism. Plus, their stylish design means they’re equally at home on a casual day out, making them the perfect accessory for runners who demand both function and fashion in their stride.

4. Crossbody Bags: The Roadside Ramblers

a model in a black long-sleeve top carrying a gray puffer crossbody bag

For the urban explorers and city sprinters, our crossbody bags are your reliable running mates. They’re compact, yes, but mighty, keeping your belongings secure and snug against your body as you navigate the concrete jungle. Ideal for urban runners who may need to carry a bit more—like ID, a small wallet, or a transit pass—these bags for jogging keep your items secure and easily reachable, proving that you can carry convenience without compromising on speed.

These running bags for women are all about balance — keeping you agile while ensuring everything from your phone to your wallet is just a zip away. Plus, with their chic designs and reliable materials like water-repellent nylon, you’ll always be running in style, whether you're pacing through the park or dashing to meet friends.

5. Cell Phone Bags: The Essentialists

a model in white carrying a beige cell phone crossbody bag

In an age where tracking runs, listening to music, or being reachable even during the most secluded trail runs is essential, cell phone bags stand out for their simplicity and focus. Sol and Selene’s cell phone bags for jogging are designed to carry just that—your cell phone and perhaps a few small extras like keys or cards. 

Worn around the waist, across the body, or even on the arm, these bags for jogging ensure your phone is always within reach, allowing you to monitor your progress, capture the moment, or stay connected, all without missing a beat. 

Choosing Your Ultimate Running Mate 

At Sol and Selene, we're all about embracing the journey, and we believe your running gear should do the same. Our running bags for women are here to blend seamlessly into your active life, proving that functionality and fashion can indeed run hand in hand (or stride by stride). With free shipping on all U.S. orders and easy returns, getting geared up for your next run is as breezy as a cool morning jog. 

Whether you're an avid marathoner or a casual jogger, our collection promises to keep you running rapid, looking fabulous, and feeling unstoppable. So, lace up, pick your perfect bag for jogging from Sol and Selene, and let's hit the ground running. Ready, set, Sol and Selene!


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