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Product Attributes

Water and weather resistant nylon threaded material, hydrophobic and durable for any type of weather. Our bags offer protection from the elements without sacrificing flexibility, breathability or style.
Designed with your workouts in mind. Extra pockets for your water bottle, yoga mat and strong enough to hold your weights, bands and whatever else you need to get your body moving.  Made with BREATHABLE but durable material to keep your items dry. 
Ripstop – tough, long lasting nylon threaded material to withstand tough weather, heavy items using a special reinforcing technique that makes them resistant to tearing and ripping. 
Our fabrics are not only durable they are also light as a feather. Making it easy to compact while not in use and cut back on the heavy lifting. 
Our bags are made with long lasting fabric to withstand any tossing about that might happen on the way to your destination. Weather your throwing everything in the trunk for a road trip or carrying it on a flight.
Most of our bags serve multiple purposes and are even designed to transform into entirely different styles. From, backpack to crossbody and back again. We pride ourselves in innovative versatility.